A Heartfelt Thank You from the CEO of Rev.Net

Twenty Years Ago

In 1995, most of you picked a new choice over other ISPs in Southwestern VA.
Rev.Net crawled, then walked and finally ran, as your knowledge of the Internet grew.
You endorsed us and supported us as we went through some really amazing
times and some heartbreaking times as well. I read every single email you sent
over the years. I cherish each one of them. The confidence each of you gave me,
with your comments and feedback, might never be experienced again and if not,
I will still be a lucky man to have experienced it, even just once. As I pass the torch over
to B2X Online, I'm confident that you will be in capable hands and you should know, that if you ever
need me, my email remains ceo at rev.net. Contact me, if I might ever serve you again.

Until then...

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and God bless you.

E. Doyle Edgerton, CEO - Rev.Net Technologies, Inc. July, 2016